Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rob Faust and James Millman Give Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving bearders and beardettes! Because today is a day to give thanks for what we have, we thought we would share with everyone what we are thankful for!

We are thankful for:
  • a president who has united our country - not divided it,
  • a bi-partisan Congress that works together for the betterment of all of us,
  • civil rights leaders Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for being outspoken opponents of gangs targeting women and Jews when playing "knockout,"
  • the NSA for keeping tabs on us,
  • Senator Harry Reid for bringing House bills up for vote in the Senate,
  • Speaker Boehner for his willingness to get emotional and cry,
  • the IRS for targeting President Obama's political opponents,
  • AG Eric Holder for giving Mexican drug cartels guns...and wanting to limit our ability to legally obtain them,
  • President Obama for keeping promises,
  • for being user friendly,
  • Spike Lee for Tweeting the correct address of George Zimmerman,
  • a lower unemployment rate for African Americans since Obama took office,
  • everyone being able to keep their health insurance and low deductibles,
  • for ObamaCare not adding a dime to our deficit,
  • the closing of Gitmo,
  • Peace in Egypt since the overthrow of President Mubarak, (the people just adore Morsi),
  • the thought of a nuclear Iran,
  • the defense of our Bill of Rights and Constitution by our elected officials,
  • unbiased and thorough coverage of all the scandals surrounding the White House - especially by MSNBC,
  • Republicans blaming third party candidates for their losses instead of piss poor campaign management,
  • Jay Carney,
  • Uncrustables and Goobers,
  • Ohio and Texas,
  • Mayor Bloomberg for helping us make smart diet decisions, and
  • President Obama's teleprompter.
Hot damn, we sure have a lot to be thankful for! In all seriousness though, we are thankful for our family and friends and for all of you, our fellow bearders and beard supporting beardettes! From all of us at Beards of Fury, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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