Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Problem with Democrats and Republicans

Did you get a chance to read Rob's post on the two party system? If you did not, you should. I found it amazing. This probably does not surprise people. However, I want to take advantage of Rob's post, it fresh in our minds, and state, I too, have a huge problem with Democrats and Republicans. I am not just talking about politicians. I am talking about everybody who claims they are one or the other; this includes everyday people. What is my problem? All of these people have zero principles. How so?

Politicians are for what their party does when their guy is president and against what the other party does if their guy is not president, even if they were for the policy when their guy was president. Confusing? Here are some examples: Right now, Republicans are against Janet Yellen and her policy of printing money if she is the next Fed Chairwoman; they did not have a problem when George W. Bush nominated Ben Bernanke and he went on a money printing spree during W.'s terms. Dick Cheney, during W.'s presidency, said deficits do not matter; now deficits matter to Republicans because a Democrat occupies the White House. When W. was president, then Senator Barack Obama said deficits showed a lack of leadership, and Democrats agreed; now that he is president, Barry and the Democrats have no problems with deficits. Democrats were anti-war when W. was president; now they cannot find enough places to bomb the shit out of.

And for everyday people? You keep voting these non-principled assholes into office. Then you complain about the way the government turns out. "But what am I supposed to do, Sergio?" Show your displeasure by voting for a different candidate or not voting at all. Send a message you have principles. But that is the problem; as long as you keep voting for your guy, you are just showing you have no principles either. As long as you guy beats their guy - that is all that matters.

You see? Democrats and Republicans: no principles. "Just win baby!" That is the motto of both parties. Can you see my displeasure?

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