Wednesday, October 9, 2013

T2SDA - Highway Terrorists

Throughout the history of mankind, people have thought up some pretty stupid shit: sticking forks in light sockets, playing in traffic, and teaching women how to read, (I kid). That being said, what is planned for 11-13 October by a group of truck drivers takes the cake - they are planning on wreaking havoc on the highways in the DC area.

While I support their overall argument that our elected officials have been doing a poor job of running our country, the group's idea for "getting even" is retarded - pure and simple.

Apparently group's plan is drive at a top speed of 55 MPH on the highways surrounding the nation's capitol, and in doing so pissing off everyone else driving. Back in 2010 French truckers did something like this, so right off the bat, the fact that these truckers were inspired by the French should tell everyone the group is filled with morons, and more than likely - cowards.

The truckers plan on controlling the highway, covering three lanes - leaving the left lane open for emergency vehicles. If you are in a civilian vehicle and don't have a "T2SDA," (Truckers to Shut Down America), sign in your vehicle, plan on getting blocked by the dipshits in the big rigs.  Earl Conlon, who according to USA Today is in charge of logistics for this event, said "If cops decide to give us a hard time, we're going to lock the brakes up, we're going to stop right there, we're going to be a three lane roadblock." How nice.

Tell me truckers, how will emergency vehicles be able to move expeditiously in the left lane if every other normal human being ("normal" being anyone not participating in this event), is also in the left lane trying to get by your stupid asses? Furthermore, what if a normal Joe Schmo needs to get to a hospital fast and they didn't think about putting a "T2SDA" sign in their window before heading off to the hospital to survive? What if they die en route to the hospital due to your intentionally planned traffic jam? What then? Well, Messieurs Conlon and Pete Santilli, (apparently the group's official spokesman), I hope the family of Joe Schmo sues the ever living shit out of you and the rest of the event organizers. If it's me doing the suing, I wouldn't stop until I literally owned you all, and your great, great, great-first cousin, once removed was still making a direct deposit of their paycheck into my heir's bank account.

The bikers who recently rode in DC abided by the laws, and didn't make a mess of the roads or threaten to do so. They just rode. I equate you with those bikers in NYC who attacked the family of three in their SUV and pulled the father out of the car. You aren't martyrs - you're thugs.

And what else did Mr. Conlon say was the group's goal? Only that President Obama, (who I do not support in the least), resigns, and oh yea, Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Feinstein are placed under arrest. While the group says this is not true - it would be humorous to watch them all get arrested for attempted kidnapping. I'd be in the front row of that trial - eating popcorn.

If you want to make changes to our country, get people motivated to vote in new leaders. Inspire people to want change - don't make us hate you, and perhaps more so your moms for not aborting you.


  1. Stop talking about stuff you know nothing about.

    1. Hmm...well Mr. Room 3-2, we would first like to point out we haven't "talked" about anything - we wrote about it. That being said, why don't you regale us with (1) answers to the questions James posed - he did use news sources as his information providers by the way (2) why you think the planned trucker-jam will accomplish anything, and (3) what 2+3 is. While you may be able to answer our first two questions in response to your most eloquent of comments, we at the Beards of Fury are quite doubtful anyone who supports the truckers will be able to answer that last one.

    2. If ya'll read the first article, why didn't you read the second article retracting information given to them by Earl Conlon? And even if you didn't read the retraction, Earl Conlon said the truckers were taking the Supreme Court with them.....REALLY, you believed that??? Earl Conlon is NOT the spokesperson for the truckers and is trying to make a name for himself, no matter what lies he has to tell to get it - just like Obama's lies.

    3. Oh, Mr. Anonymous, we read several articles on the issue, and we never claimed that Conlon was the spokesman for the organization. You may want to reread the post.

      The only thing that we at the BoF believe, and know for that matter, is that the group "T2SDA" is filled with window licker speaking a little out of turn is not our problem - it's yours because you are the ones who are made to look ridiculous.

      We like to pose a couple questions to those who support this trucker-jam fiasco - Which is worse, Congress shutting down the government, or the truckers shutting down America? Remember Hoss, "T2SDA" stands for "Truckers to Shut down America." What one would totally cripple the economy?

      James and Rob are no fans of the President's policies or the policies of Congress, however, what you support is nothing more than fucking up the lives of millions of workers in the DC area.

      Are your pockets deep enough to reimburse anyone who is made late to work due to the impending traffic jam? What if someone is on their last strike at work for being late, and the traffic jam that you support makes them late and they get fired? "Ya'll" got the money to support them?

      In closing, we find your use of "ya'll" in your prose amusing.

      Here, let us try..."Ya'll come back now, ya hear?!"

  2. First mistake you made was not checking first to realize conlon was talking out his ass for attention. He has nothing to do with this at all. So, almost all you wrote here is wrong. You did nothing for, nor against the protest since u gave incorrect info.

    1. Oh Mr. Anonymous, bravo for attempting to put a few complete thoughts into sentences. We at the Beards of Fury really love your firm grasp on the English language - specifically, "using "u," instead of "you." Your intelligence, or lack thereof is shining on through! Thank you for helping James prove that the truckers and their supporters are complete morons. (Since Room 3-2 never responded again, we can only surmise he is still working on that hard math problem we provided him, “2+3”).

      But we digress. Conlon may or may not be part of it - and we don't really care. In fact, James pointed out in his piece that the whole "Obama needs to resign / Pelosi and Feinstein need to be arrested," may not be true.

      However, even taking those out, answer the questions James posed. What about emergency vehicles getting through traffic? Can you guarantee they will have no problems whatsoever moving on the road? And what about the rest of the people on the road, can you guarantee they would be able to get where they need to, especially if there is an emergency? No friend, you cannot.

      So what else is untrue here? Did James get the dates wrong? Maybe the truckers' plans of driving the DC area highways? Their plans to take up three lanes? The fact that the bikers in DC didn't make asses of themselves? The fact that James would sue the shit out of anyone involved if the truckers prevented him from getting to a hospital if need be? The fact that the French have done this before?

      Here are a couple more questions to think about: (1) What if the truckers cause an accident? (2) What if someone dies in it, and was not part a willing participant of the truck-jam?

      The DC area traffic already sucks - it's one of the worst areas for traffic in the country. You and your ilk will get no one to support you by fucking up their commute.

      In the end, hopefully anyone driving a company truck that they do not own, gets fired. Like the people who boycott stores on Black Friday, people trying to screw with the economy seriously suck.

      Our politicians have been working with their heads up their asses. The Beards of Fury do not refute this, or a majority of the group's beliefs. It's the way the group plans on acting that makes them stupid.

      You should have been swallowed.

  3. I must ask you what you have done to let our government know you are not happy with the way the are running our country. I strongly feel your disrespect of hard working people who are suffering probably a lot more than you is wrong These men and women transporting the majority of the goods you consume on a daily basis have been hit hard by this corrupt government. Maybe you feel what they are doing is foolish and will not have any effect on Congress and the administration but who are you to read into the future or the minds of those who this protest is directed towards. Gee 1.2 million bikers show up on 9/11 with about a months notice and here we are one month later and another large group of pissed off Americans come to show their disgust with what's going on there. Oh and lets not forget the Vets that plan to be there Sunday. Ya think that is not concerning these corrupt greedy fools that think they are our rulers. These people in DC need to realize WE THE PEOPLE have had enough and a few large groups showing up at their door step should wake them up if not I guess we will all have to take some time off work and show up together rather than a few large groups. At least these True Americans are not just sitting on their butts accepting the crap this government is shoveling down our throats! Again I ask what have you done to try to make a change?

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous, you may have missed other posts on BoF that discuss the current state of our country's leadership - we strongly suggest and welcome you to read them.

      We at the Beards of Fury are not happy with the current state of this country but what is worse...Congress shutting down the government, or the truckers' goal to shut down America - that is what "T2SDA" means, right? Or was that just something James pulled out of his arse? We think shutting down America would be far more crippling to the economy.

      Truckers make a up crucial part of the backbone of this country and James and Rob are not blind to that - or unappreciative. They would be just as pissed if it was a gaggle of Priuses blocking traffic.

      Furthermore, a little tidbit about James - along with living with Dwarves and being the son of Odin, he has been involved in politics throughout most of his life working on different campaigns and even running once himself.

      Both James and Rob love veterans - why wouldn't they love themselves?

    2. you fowl mouth pigs give beards a bad name. if you had an original thought it would be very lonely. I am a disabled Vietnam vet and I can guarantee this is not the country I fought for. the cause of the truckers is one I will fight for to get back our country.

    3. Mr. Anonymous, we must beg to differ; this is indeed the same country you fought for during the Vietnam War, unless you didn't fight for the United States. Unless our sources are incorrect, the United States has not changed its name nor geographical location since the end of the war.

      Now people, don’t get your panties all up in a bunch – James and Rob are both veterans themselves and have a great love for their brothers and sisters in arms – both past and present.

  4. Hahahaha There is a dipshit in every crowd! Too bad your trying to give beards a bad name too... Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy seeing so many people come together in support of our once great country for a change... Really.. in the end if we don't do something, not being able to get thru on a beltway will be the least of your problems...

    1. You are correct Mr. Anonymous, there is a dipshit in every crowd and *you're it.

      * In your comment above, you said "Too bad your trying to give beards a bad name too." It should have been "Too bad you're..." because "you" + "are" = "you're." That should be a simple math. Apparently math isn't your, ("your" being the proper word to use this time), forte.

      Oh, and beards could never have a bad name.

    2. Beards ....of .fury... Did't your mama teach you that if you don't have nothing nice to say say nothing at all
      you are a very rude and hateful human being... How dare you use education if one can add or is your issue ... Leave extra early an take the back ways into d.c. Beside beltways or parkways...your a grown person... Use your head...

    3. Dear Mr. Anonymous, didn't your mother teach you that calling someone a hateful human being is not nice, and that if you don't have anything nice to say - you shouldn't?

      How dare we use education to point out the stupidity of someone else? We at the Beards of Fury are not "grammar Nazis," however, if while in the process of making an ignorant/insulting/hateful comment, a commenter makes a boneheaded grammatical error - it will be called out. If you are the same Mr. Anonymous responded to above, you started out by calling James a "dipshit," so you had and will continue to have it coming.

      Lastly, why should we the people of the DC metro area have to pander to a bunch of morons?

  5. There are no backroads into DC. These trucktards would make the traffic worse than it already is.