Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Apathy Kills, But I Don't Care

Let's talk about apathy for a moment, shall we? I know, I know, you do not give a fuck. Feel free to continue not giving a fuck while you hear me out. It is your right as an American, and you are not alone! Many people I talk to also do not give a fuck. They all seem to say similar things, "What difference can I make?" or, "Screw it, I don't know enough about it to care." After talking to them further, I find that they are quite capable of caring about how Miley did at the VMAs, why their fantasy football team sucks, or perhaps even about what dumb shit just got posted to YouTube.

What makes these things so easy to care about when so many more important issues are ignored? Perhaps it is because they are easily accessed and are presented with the audience's understanding in mind. After all, nobody would read a thousand page Twitter post, no matter how many retarded hashtags it has in it. Important legislation however, is not only difficult to understand in the first place, often times most people's access to it is framed by some sort of biased media. The 900 some page Affordable Care Act was so difficult to understand that most representatives voted for it without even reading it.

Could it be that this is done on purpose? What if I didn't want you to understand the tax code so that no matter what you did, you probably do not entirely comply with it? What if I never clearly state my opinion so that I can always backtrack on any position? This all creates an environment where the population of a country feels they have no ability to impact the decisions of the government. Once the environment sets in, apathy sets in. It you can't control it, why care about it?

Perhaps the two party system in Rob Faust's "Two Parties, Zero Sense" can cause apathy. If there are only two options and they both suck, why give a shit? People need to wake up and discover themselves, decide what their values are, and align themselves behind candidates who really support their position. Until that happens, eh, fuck it - never mind.

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