Monday, November 4, 2013

Fascist and Furious

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

Benito Mussolini said that. Now, as a libertarian, (I prefer to call myself an "anarcho-capitalist," a "non-interventionist," or a "Rothbardian," but it doesn't require a day's worth of explanation to people if I just call myself a "libertarian"), I am not a fan of  Democrats or the Republicans, but I am confused when the Democrats/liberals call the Republicans/conservatives "fascists."

You see, they intend that to slur Republicans/conservatives and make them seem just downright evil; pure, unadulterated evil. Evil in the likes of Hitler, (no first name needed). However, it does not make sense to me. Let me continue.

Fascism, in an economic sense, according to Sheldon Richman, "controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and agriculture. Planning boards set product lines, production levels, prices, wages, working conditions, and the size of the firms. Licensing was ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government permission. Levels of consumption were dictated by the state, and 'excess' incomes had to be surrendered as taxes or 'loans.' The consequent burdening of manufactures gave advantages to foreign firms wishing to export. But since government policy aimed at autarky, or national self-sufficiency, protectionism was necessary: imports were barred or strictly controlled, leaving foreign conquest as the only avenue for access to resources unavailable domestically. Fascism was thus incompatible with peace and the international division of labor..." And: "To maintain high employment and minimize popular discontent, fascist governments also undertook massive public-works projects financed by steep taxes, borrowing, and fiat money creation. While many of these projects were domestic - roads, buildings, stadiums - the largest project of all was militarism, with huge armies and arms production." And this is why I am confused.

Currently, as far as I am aware of, all those who are on the left of the political spectrum would love it if the government controlled all aspects of commerce; I do not see these leftists calling to end wage controls, (minimum wage), working conditions, (OSHA), the need of licenses to enter a business, lowering, (or no taxes), those with excess incomes, (the 1%), tariffs, (barring or controlling imports), wars, public works projects, (they actually want more of it), borrowing, (did they not get pissed because a Republican tried to stop the borrowing?), fiat money creation, (the so called independent Federal Reserve), and vastly cutting and stopping military spending.

This is why I am confused when they intend to defame those on the right by calling them fascists. I am not saying those on the right want to abolish what I stated above, but if you believe in what Mussolini and Hitler sought as the best style of government...

I almost forgot. In any dictionary you thumb through, even online because I am aware it is 2013, a tenant of fascism is nationalism, or exceptionalism. Did not Barack Obama state we are an exceptional country in a speech a few weeks ago? Fascist.

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