Sunday, June 1, 2014

When Home, Bergdahl Will Have Some Explaining to Do

It’s been a while since I have written anything here, so, yesterday when I heard that Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl was released into US custody by the Taliban in a prisoner exchange, I finally got the itch to write again.

While it must be a great feeling for his family to know that he is finally coming home after five years in captivity, when he does get back to the states and Army personnel get a chance to talk to him, questions must be asked and he must provide the answers to them.

First up, how the hell was he caught in the first place? It has been long reported and thought that then PFC Bergdahl may have walked off the base on his own, for an unknown reason. Maybe he wanted to hitchhike home, or perhaps he was tricked into leaving by a local national. Who knows? Bowe knows, and he must thoroughly explain how he left.

Did he tell his captors anything, and if so, what? Taliban personnel cut the heads off their own people, so, what was so special about him? Sure, Bergdahl is an American, and to the Taliban that is worth something, however, was he really worth toting around for five years, hiding and feeding him, if Bowe himself wasn’t “feeding” them anything? Who knows? Bergdahl’s higher-ups should soon.

With whom does his allegiance lie with now? Sorry, but it has to be asked. Since yesterday several of my military friends have brought up the HBO show “Homeland” and how his release reminds them of the show. Apparently on the show a Marine was captured, then released eight years later, only to find that he is now a terrorist and he tries to kill our vice president. #spoileralert. The Army needs to know what effect five years of captivity had on him. We must not have any more Nidal Hasan type events occurring on our bases.

Who did we release to get him back? Hopefully no one we will see on the nightly news in the future concerning a terrorist attack against us.

The unfortunate thing about all this is that while these questions should be asked, whether or not they actually are asked is a different story because unfortunately, these questions aren’t “politically correct.” Well, sorry, but I don’t care. I was deployed to Iraq when Bergdahl was taken by the Taliban and after seeing in the news that he may walked off on his own, I have always lacked pity for him.

If then PFC Bergdahl truly did walk off his base on his own he needs to be held accountable through a court martial, and if found guilty, sentenced to time in a military prison for desertion and knocked down to the Army’s lowest rank.

Think that is harsh, well, how many millions of US dollars do you think have been spent on recovering Bergdahl? Were any US military personnel killed in missions to find him? If he did desert, were their deaths, or the money spent, really worth getting him back? I know I wouldn’t trade the lives of any of my Marine friends for someone who deserted.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on the release of SGT Bowe Bergdahl. I really hope he was captured kicking and screaming and had to be silenced somehow to get him off his base, and if that was how it happened, I will admit I am wrong. There is probably a 110% chance he is going to get a book deal and a movie, (I am thinking a Lifetime made for TV movie), deal out of this. Hopefully, these deals won’t be going to a deserter.


  1. And who are you to ask these things of him? I'm sure he is being railed with these questions already buy our higher ups. We will soon find out all the gritty details and I'm sure that what ever happened our news hear in the states will lie about it. But what ever happened I really don't think you have the right to grill him about it.

    1. Dear HT1,

      If you are going to write a comment and question who we are, and our right to ask questions, (if you really don't know what gives us the right, check out our First Amendment), at least use proper grammar. You are sure he is already being asked these questions "buy" our higher ups? Come on bro, we don't have to be participants in this year's spelling bee championship to know you used the improper form of "by."

      If spelling is not your strong point, perhaps it's reading? Hmm, most likely not, for, if it were, you would have noticed in the second paragraph that I wrote the following: "...when he does get back to the states and Army personnel get a chance to talk to him..." Therefore, I am just saying that off the top of my head, I hope someone asks him these questions. I am not asking him shit.

      Oh, snap...I just reread your comment and noticed you also used the incorrect form of "here," when you wrote, "hear in the states." Dude, seriously, you are killing

      Finally, to reiterate why I, or anyone else have a right to ask questions about this, or anything, it is because I have questions that I would love to get answered, and I am afraid someone might be called a hero, solely because he was a POW, when there is the possibility he deserted his post in the first place.



    2. Shut the hell uo Grammar Police.... it was a great story!

    3. Shut the hell up Grammar police.. Great Story!

    4. Dear Hal,

      We see your second attempt at a comment was more successful than your first, and we congratulate you on that. Rob Faust and I are not grammar Nazis, and quite frankly do not care if someone does not know which form of "their," "there," or "they're" to use, however; if someone makes a comment on one of our articles and tries to throw in what they consider to be witty insults, while at the same time destroying the English language, we will most definitely point out their mistakes.



  2. There were several soldiers killed while looking for him. Family men who left kids behind. Before I knew the circumstances, I posted on fb, askin folks to write Congress. I was contacted by a commander's wife, who advised me that supporting him could hurt my husband's career in the Army. Thats all I needed to know to realize that he insn't a hero.