Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Real Reason Kids Get Beat Up...

Ever get your ass kicked in playing a team sport? We both sure did a time or two - and maybe even three. It sucked a lot, but getting your ass kicked in sports is a part of participating on a team, in a competitive league. In order to avoid being embarrassed on the ice, on the field or on the mat, we practiced. And we practiced. And we practiced some more. Did we always win? No, there were always teams better than the ones we were on, (somewhere), but one thing we never did after losing big was be a pussy. Apparently not everyone thinks the way we do, and while in some cases that may be for the best, here is one which isn't...

A Texas father of a Western Hills High School Cougar football player didn't like seeing his son's team get their asses kicked by the Aledo High Bearcats 91-0 so much that instead of volunteering to help his son's team, he filed a bullying complaint against the Bearcats' coaching staff. That's right, since his son's team lost by so much, the other team must be a bunch of bullies.

Well we would like to know from any crack head who supports the father, why this complaint shouldn't be thrown out. Should the Bearcats have let the other team score? Their coach said his team did everything it could do save take a knee to be nice. If the team sucks, the team sucks. The problem with a lot of parents out there today is that they are teaching their kids that it's okay to be subpar, you can just bitch about it and get shit handed to you for free. We here at Beards of Fury like to call the free stuff "entitlements."

The same parents who put their kids in leagues where there are no scores, or trophies, only "participation" certificates raise kids who grow up with their hands out instead of their thinking caps on.

Now this parent's kid is going to be roaming the halls of his school with everyone laughing at him - not because the team got whipped, but because his dad is a pussy, and apples don't fall far from trees.

We would probably change our names if one of our parents pull this stunt, and we would also change our name if it was a direction on a compass, i.e. "North West," sorry Kanye, while your girlfriend gets "two chubs up" for her sex tape, it wasn't "star on the walk of fame" worthy, but we digress.

Kids have enough to worry about nowadays without one being their parents being the PC Police. Teach them, help them, and once they stop deucing in their diapers, stop babying them.

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