Wednesday, September 18, 2013

While People Died - Obama Talked Politics

Yesterday, a sicko shot and killed 12 people and wounded several others at the Washington Navy Yard, in downtown DC. While the police were still trying to figure out what is what, and who was shooting who...President Obama had a better idea...he bashed Republicans.

Yea sure, he did offer some brief words of condolence - but there was no emotion behind them and they were brief - he had better things to deal with.

Apparently to our guy in the White House, it was more important for him to talk about the economy and his issues with the republicans in office while one of our military instillations was under attack - at that time by an unknown number of people - and where one of the members of his Joints Chief of Staff works. Seriously dude?

Who thought that was a good idea? We can only imagine it was due his teleprompter needing to be preloaded with his speeches 24 hours prior to Obama giving one. If he doesn't have enough time to get down where the teleprompter will be, how fast the words will be moving and memorize what he will be saying...all Hell could break loose. His speechwriter could have put a "<pause to wipe away nonexistent tear>" break in it but alas, there was no tear wiping...maybe because Aaron Alexis didn't provide Obama with children to put on anti-gun posters.

Should we really be surprised though? The morning after his ambassador to Libya and three others were slaughtered by terrorists in Libya - Obama flew out to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser.

It is very apparent to us who is most important to President Obama - President Obama - and his selfishness disgusts us.

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