Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look at my Large Family...Come Kill Us

Every year or so, a new fad makes its way around. Over the last year or so, this fad has been placing "sticker families" on the rear of vehicles. Apparently they are supposed to inform everyone, because apparently we all are just dying to know, the exact family makeup of whoever owns a particular car. I would like to know whose bright idea these stickers are, and why idiots out there put them on their vehicles.

Personally, I don't give a shit if your family consists of a dad, mom, three kids and a cat. I don't care if you are a single mom of three kids and have a dog. I don't even care if you are two guys with a kid, a cat, a dog and a fucking iguana. But there are people out there who do care; rapists, murderers, and thieves...they all care.

By announcing to the whole what your family makeup is, you are telling the aforementioned evil doers who needs to leave a house before they rob it, who needs to be home to get a decent kill count, what animals they will encounter, and who to look forward to if their dick is itching for a good ol' fashioned rape fest.

Do these stickers still appeal to you? I hope not.

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