Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gaffes Define Presidency

Last week, Sec. of State John Kerry said the US would not strike Syria if President Assad agreed to turn in all his country's chemical weapons within a week. The State Department immediately came out and said their boss was speaking "rhetorically." Of course, as we all know - Russia did not see it as such and Russian's President Putin came to an agreement with Assad in which the Syrian government will indeed turn in its chemical weapons. That's awesome because we certainly do not want any US involvement in the ongoing Syrian civil war.

What we find humorous is since the Russian/Syrian deal, our "fearless" leaders Messieurs Obama and Kerry have touted the deal and have basically clamed that it was their idea the whole time, and that Obama was part of it from the beginning - he just couldn't say anything. Sec. Kerry later said that "Nothing focuses the mind like a prospect of a hanging," and that they had challenged the Syrian government to turn over its chemical weapons over to the "international community so that they can be destroyed."

Again, it's great as of right now we will not be attacking Syria, but this agreement did come from a political gaffe - and it's not the first time President Obama's hand has been forced due to one.

Back in May 2012, VP Joe Biden pushed his boss to the forefront of the gay marriage issue by announcing on "Meet the Press" that he, (VP Biden), supported gay marriage. President Obama had yet to make a statement during the election saying where he stood on the issue. Of course, Obama did come out later in support of gay marriage and we personally don't care who marries who, but it still a gaffe from someone else, and Obama took it and ran with it as his own.

Two gaffes have brought about White House policy. Perhaps Obama knew what Biden was going to say and maybe he had been in deals with Presidents Putin and Assad, as they are saying now. We probably will never know. What we do know though is that President Obama has allowed others to create his policies through gaffes. We need a someone in the White House who is unafraid to deal with matters such as equality and war, and lead from the from the front...not from behind.

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