Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Don’t Need a Follow-up – Dickheads…

Last week my 4Runner was in dire need of an oil change. I would have gotten it taken care of weeks ago, however, since my former choice of vehicle service was deemed incompetent, I researched other places of service. That is - I googled other service stations in the area and found a Jiffy Lube close by. Although  over priced, (I will find another place for next time), I couldn't complain about their service.

What I could complain about, and will wholeheartedly, is what I just received from Jiffy Luge - a follow-up phone call from one of their offices in Michigan. Are you kidding me smalls? I let the man get to the "Were you satisfied..." part of the call before he heard the <click> from my end...to at least the <silence>, since I don't think even my, just above rotary dial cellphone, offers a <click> when I hang up...you should call me so we can find out.

Why the hell do they need to call people about the satisfaction of an oil change? If I was dissatisfied, I think I would have complained. Nay - I know I would have, and they would have been provided with a "how to deal with an irate customer" recording.

I equate shit like this to someone asking if I want a "hot apple pie" after I place a drive-thru order. Did I ask for a hot apple pie douchebag? What I want is for you not to fuck up my order and give me BBQ sauce instead of sweat & sour for my chicken nuggets. What I want you to do is make sure there is cheese on my egg, sausage, and cheese, and that they are neatly placed between two warm biscuits. It I wanted a pie, trust me bro, I would ask for one.

About a year ago I went in for a routine, yearly physical at my doctor's. A day later, I did not receive a "Were you satisfied with your prostate exam?" phone call. Thanks be to God for that one...I mean, how would one respond to that? "Yea doc, I liked having your finger up my ass...and that little twirl you threw in? BRILLIANT!" I mean shit...at least someone has some sense. But now that I think of it...I seem to remember both his hands on my hips when he did the "finger sweep." FML...

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