Thursday, June 5, 2014

BoF Stands Behind Professor Paul Roof

Bearders and beardettes, in a totally unchristian move this past week, Charleston Southern University, (CSU), sociology professor Paul Roof was apparently fired for something he could not control…the use of his likeliness.

For those of you unfamiliar with Paul, he sports an epic beard and moustache and is known throughout the competition circuit and is himself a champion of several of the events.

So why did he get fired? Well, back in 2013 he was photographed at an event in Las Vegas and after the image was used on promotional posters, Holy City Brewing used the image on the labels for their cans of Chucktown Follicle Brown beer. While Roof did not know his image would be placed on the side of cans, it did not deter the university, which is affiliated with the S.C. Baptist Convention, from firing Roof because in their words, the picture was “not an image for the Christian environment.” How very Christian of the university.

We could probably flip through the New Testament, and even probably the Old on too, and find several quotes from the real holy rollers on just how fucked up this is. Pictures are taken of us daily, and they aren’t always taken by those we know. Hell, at the park someone might take your picture unbeknownst to you and a few days later your face could be on a beer label of its own. Should you be fired from your job for this? We think not.

In light of this travesty, and to point out that what happened to Paul could happen to anyone, someone should start putting the image of CSU President Dr. Jairy C. Hunter Jr on random homemade products. They could start with a beer, (like our can above), and then move up the evolutionary product chain by making “JCH Dildos and Other Sex Toys.” We will then be able to see if the university really stands behind their views if they fire his ass too.

What happened to Paul Roof should be a reminder to us all that there are a lot of assholes out there who would rather remain blind to the fact that they are wrong. Paul Roof should be reinstated immediately to his former position at CSU, (if he wants it), and the administration of the university should line up and kiss his ass while asking for his forgiveness.

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