Thursday, January 9, 2014

US Citizens Owe Veterans Nothing

Well, do I have your attention? Good, because first off, I want to point out I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan - in fact all of us who write for Beards of Fury are vets. That being said, do I want anything from it? No, I do not. Sadly however, many of my fellow vets feel they are entitled to being worshiped and having their asses kissed by their fellow Americans - and to me that's pathetic.

Do I seem pissed? Awesome, because I am. It's 2:15 in the fucking morning and instead of looking at naked pics of women or watching a rerun of "Top Chef," I am ranting about a hopefully small group of fellow vets, or at least I hope it's a small group. I had planned on writing about something different for today - my mock "Interview with President Obama," but alas, that will have to wait for another day. How did this all start? Easy, one of my best friends tagged me in a debate he was having in a Facebook thread. My friend leans left, so we don't always agree when it comes to politics, but when someone questions his patriotism, and love for his country just because he may not agree with the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, that's when blood is thicker than water, and I get pissed. The exact quote from one particular piece of shit was: "People like me have sacrificed a lot so jerks like you can say the most vulgar, and evil things about my fellow soldiers. Each and EVERY response proves that you and all those who marched in protest of the troops hate America it's [sic] Constitution, and those who defend it! Spin that as much as you think you can, but scum like you only breath [sic] free air becaose [sic] of soldiers like me!"

Wow. People like the dipshit I just quoted make me want to support the pro-choice movement or at least sterilization. This guy actually thinks he is entitled to shit because he thinks he is King Shit! In reality, he is a sad specimen of a human being in dire need of a dictionary and Phonics book.

When I returned home from my deployments did people in my hometown pat me on the back, give me hugs or buy me drinks or dinner? Yes, of course they did - but do I think I was entitled to all or any of it? Hell no - I was, and still am, grateful for it. Veterans of today should be grateful that although many citizens never supported the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, they have always supported us. We are so lucky not to be spit in the face by others upon our return or called "baby killers," like many of our dads, uncles or grandfathers were during the Vietnam era.

Someone saying that another does not support the troops because they do not support a war is like saying a conservative is racist because they do not agree with President Obama's policies. Both thoughts are completely inaccurate - and ignorant.

Does anyone owe us, (veterans), anything? Yep, our government owes us the benefits we have earned and hopefully in a timely manner.

So to all my fellow veterans, the next time someone tells you they never supported the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, don't get your panties in a bunch, or think they are un-American, or that they owe you their love. They don't owe you diddly squat - you volunteered remember. The next time someone thanks you for your service, thank them, and then buy them a drink because "thanks" should go both ways.


  1. It's about time that somebody addressed this issue. The reason that the VA is so backlogged is because some people think they are entitled to something even though nothing is wrong with them. I had a guy approach me one day wanting to enter a restricted area. When I denied his request he threw out the vet card. "I'm a vet" he shouted. My reply was congratulations, you work on dogs and cats. His stunned expression was priceless. By the way I served in the Marine Corps in Desert Storm, but I expect no special treatment because of it other than the meager assistance (pronounced hassle) the VA provides. Anyway, good post and Semper Fi!

    1. Thank you for your service and your understand of the point I wanted to make with this article. It's too bad some people out there feel entitled to the point of being assholes.

      - James