Saturday, January 18, 2014

BoF is Now on Twitter and Instagram!

Bearders and beardettes, at the start of the year we said there would be some upgrades to the BoF blog, Facebook page, and BoF in general. Well, today marks the beginning of noticeable improvements. You can now follow us on both Twitter and Instagram.

We chose to dive into the world of these mediums because sometimes we see something that is notable, but maybe not article worthy. Also, since new articles here at can can a while to write, we figured we can connect with you, our fans more often via Twitter and Instagram.

Here are our Twitter and Instagram accounts and we will be adding links to them in the right border of the page soon:

Twitter: @beards_of_fury

Instagram: beards_of_fury

Since we are new to both of these things, it should be a fun learning process. We promise there will be no Tweeting of BoF Balls in the style of Congressman Weiner's Tweets. So, follow us and help us make them successful.

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