Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Rob and James Think About A&E Suspending Phil From "Duck Dynasty"

Bearders and beardettes, we received a great question from a fellow bearder asking us our opinion concerning A&E suspending Duck Dynasty cast member Phil for his recent comments during a GQ interview - well, here is what we think, feel free to leave your comments!

To the Members of BoF:

First off we do not agree with what Phil said. BoF is a group for everyone and anyone... who supports beards, the idea of a three party system, and freedom. Now, that being said, Phil certainly has the right as an American, and an individual human being to feel whichever way he wants.

On the same token, A&E is a privately owned television channel (half owned by the Hearst Corporation and half owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group), and so its private owners have a right to suspend any employee for whatever reason. Who knows what is in the contracts the Duck Dynasty people signed with A&E?

So, to us, is freedom of speech a factor in this case? No, it is not. A&E has an image they want to keep, and whether or not one likes Phil being suspended, they have a right to do it. Charlie Sheen was never late for the filming of any episode of “Two and a Half Men,” but he was still fired by CBS for his out of work antics. Military members who get in trouble out in town also get in trouble with their command because they are supposed to uphold a certain image.

In the end, this might totally bite A&E in the ass. While the owners of the channel have the right to do what they want, viewers also have the right to protest and hurt the show’s ratings. Prior to this, A&E apparently had asked the family not to mention God or pray during the show, and the family threatened to find another channel to air it, so it will be interesting to see what happens now. In Hollywood, money talks, and Duck Dynasty is a huge ratings draw for A&E.

Beard on,

Rob & James

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